About the project

The project was a part of Computer Science Comprehensive Exercise at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. Our adviser was Professor Dave Musicant. We would also like to thank Mike Tie, technical director in Mathematics and Computer Science at Carleton, for his support and patience.

About us

We are Computer Science majors, class of 2007, at Carleton College.

Daniel Lew

Daniel Lew is a super-secret crime-fighting agent who gets to the bottom of every case with his hardened detective skills. To protect his real identity, he uses the cover story that he is a computer science major at Carleton College. Originally from Davis, California, Daniel came to Carleton to fine-tune his computer skills and meet other super heroes. Next year he will be fighting those who would harm our society with the Justice League of America.
Likes: The American Dream(tm), video games, intellectual stimulation, computers.
Dislikes: Evil-doers, people who say "like" too much, uncooperative hair, the Carleton workload.

Ben Sowell

Ben Sowell is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to studying, he plays the cello and ocassionally fences. Next year he will be attending graduate school at an as yet undetermined location.

Leah E. Steinberg

Leah E. Steinberg is a Minnesotan native. She grew up in St. Paul, and transplanted happily to Northfield upon coming to Carleton. Despite the joy she derives from debugging, she also likes to spend time reading, knitting, eating chocolate, designing lights for theatrical productions, exercising, and spending time outdoors, particularly in the winter. She dislikes scary movies, homework, and washing dishes.

Amrit S. Tuladhar

Amrit S. Tuladhar is from Kathmandu, Nepal. Apart from the usual computer-sciencey-programmingy stuff, he enjoys reading, doing crosswords, playing table tennis, trying to play the guitar and learning to play the tabla. When back home in Nepal on vacation, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially his three young nephews (one of whom is pictured here). Next year, he will be programming for a big investment bank in New York.