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Dept of Computer Science
Carleton College
One North College St.
Northfield, MN 55057

dmusican _AT_

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Courses for Winter 2016:

CS 348: Parallel and Distributed Computing

ARTS 120: Art, Interactivity, and Robotics

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I am a professor of computer science at Carleton College, where I teach Introduction to Computer Science, Data Stuctures, Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Data Mining, and other occasional courses.

My research focuses on solving machine learning and data mining problems, and collaborative human/computing systems. I'm currently working to understand the dynamics of people working with online collaborative communities such as Wikipedia. Being able to help solve important real-world problems by applying computing-based data analysis techniques is really rewarding, and interested in continuing to work in this direction. I have also maintained a long term interest in support vector machines, clustering, and text mining.

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