CS227 (Algorithms)
Winter 2007, Carleton College

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Basic information:

Course Resources:

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Week 0:
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There is a form for office-hours scheduling available. Please fill it out by Friday, 22 December 2006, and I'll schedule office hours soon thereafter. (Be sure to include your email address!)
Week 1: introduction to 227, algorithms, and some representative problems (Chapter 1).
We've moved! We'll be in CMC 328 (instead of CMC 210) for all class meetings.
Week 2: review of asymptotics, proofs of correctness, and graphs (Chapters 2 and 3).
Problem Set 1 is due on Monday (Part I) and Wednesday (Part II).
Week 3: greedy algorithms (Chapter 4).
Problem Set 2 is due on Monday (Part I) and Wednesday (Part II).
Week 4: greedy algorithms and dynamic programming (Chapters 4 and 6)
Problem Set 3 is due on Monday (Part I) and Wednesday (Part II).
Week 5: dynamic programming (Chapter 6)
Problem Set 4 is due on Monday (Part I) Wednesday (Part II) and Friday (Part III) and next week (Parts II and III).
Week 6: divide and conquer (Chapter 5)
The remainder of Problem Set 4 (Parts II and III) is due on Tuesday at 5:00p, in my mailbox in the CMC.
Our midterm is scheduled for Monday, 12 February 2007, in class. You may bring one 8.5"-by-11" crib sheet containing notes that you have handwritten or typed yourself (no photocopying). You may write on both sides of the paper, but don't staple/tape/superglue/attach anything to the paper. You will be asked to hand in your crib sheet with your exam. Any material up to and including dynamic programming (so through 2 February 2007 in class, through Problem Set 4, and Chapters 1–4 and 6) is fair game for the exam.
Week 7: divide and conquer (Chapter 5)
Problem Set 5 Part I is due on Friday.
Week 8: network flow (Chapter 7).
Problem Set 5 Part II is due on Monday.
Week 9: hard problems and reductions (Chapter 8)
Problem Set 6 is due on Monday (Part I) and Wednesday (Part II).
The final exam will be a take-home exam. It will be distributed in class on Friday, 9 March 2007, and it will be due at 5:00p on Wednesday, 14 March 2007.
Week 10: NP-completeness (Chapter 8)
Problem Set 7 is due on Wednesday (Part I) and Friday (Part II).
Finals Period:
Resources/clarifications for the final:
The take-home final is due Wednesday, 14 March 2007 at 5:00p in my mailbox on the second floor of the CMC.