CS111 (Introduction to Computer Science)
Fall 2011, Carleton College

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Basic information:

Course Materials:

Week 1: course overview; intro to CS
The computer labs on the 3rd floor of the CMC are set up with Python for your use throughout the term. If you'd like to work elsewhere, you are welcome to install Python on your own computer. Using your own machine is perfectly welcome, but making it all work properly is entirely up to you. Instructions should be available shortly on the CS Department homepage, or you can go to python.org/download. We're using Python 2. (You should download the latest version of Python 2.x.x.)
Week 2: expressions and computation
Week 3: lists and loops
Week 4: exam #1; loops, lists, functions
Week 5: data representation
The documentation for Zelle's graphics package is here.
Week 6: nested loops; review
Week 7: software design and image processing
I can't give detailed tech support, but you instructions for installing the Python Imaging Library (PIL), which you'll need to do ps09 on your own computer, on the Carleton CS pages.
Week 8: recursion, searching
Week 9: sorting
Week 10: wrapup
The third midterm will be held on Tuesday. Any material that we've discussed in the class is fair game. As before, I've identified some good practice exercises from the text. (The ones listed for the first two exams remain good practice for this one!) Certainly don't feel like you have to do anything close to all of them, but these are good ones to try. (Note: I'm currently away from my Zelle book, and these question numbers might be from Zelle's 2nd edition. If they don't make sense as good questions, that's probably why. Sorry if they're wrong!)
ChapterDiscussion Programming Exercises
Finals Period:
During our scheduled finals slot (Saturday, 19 November 2011, 12:00p to 2:30p), we will have a demo session for you to show off your (in-progress) final projects to your classmates.
The final project is due at the end of finals period (Monday, 21 November 2011).