Peer Evaluation Form

If you worked alone on this assignment, please fill out just fill out the blanks labeled "your name" and "your partner's name" (just say "none"), and go learn a new word from in lieu of completing the remainder of this form.

Because you are working on a team, I would like some information as to how the experience went. Specifically, I want you to give me an honest appraisal of the work that both you and your partner(s) did on your assignments. Providing an honest appraisal of peers is difficult, but it's also important. Your feedback is the only way for me to really know how balanced the contribution was for your team.

Anonymous portion

Is there any feedback about the assignment or your group that you'd like to give me anonymously? You can use the anonymous feedback form on the course web page to do so. You can make it completely anonymous, or you can say which group you're in (so that I know that the feedback was coming from either you or from your partner, but not which).

Confidential portion

Password (for spam prevention):

(the last name of the president of Carleton, written in all lower case: [p*******r])

Your name:

Your partner's name:

Provide a short summary of your contributions to the assignments. Did you contribute a fair share of the work?

Provide a short summary of your partner's contributions to the assignments. Did your partner contribute a fair share of the work?

When working together, what percentage of the time would you estimate that you spent "driving" at the computer? What percentage of the time did your partner spend "driving" at the computer? (These should probably add up to about 100%.)

Pair programming should be done with both of you at the computer at the same time, working together. Did it work out this way? That is, did you and your partner work entirely together side-by-side for the assignments that you turned in? Did you or your partner do any of the work without both of you present?

Is there anything else that I should know about the general experience of pair programming, or how your partnership worked out?

Non-confidential portion

Is there any feedback that you could provide about your partner that I can share, if the need arises? You should feel completely free to leave this section blank if you wish. Alternatively, if you want some constructive feedback about your partner to make its way back through me, this is the place to indicate it.