CS111 (Introduction to Computer Science)
Fall 2010, Carleton College

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Basic information:

Course Materials:

Week 1: course overview; intro to CS
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The computer labs on the 3rd floor of the CMC are set up with Python for your use throughout the term. If you'd like to work elsewhere, you are welcome to install Python on your own computer. Using your own machine is perfectly welcome, but making it all work properly is entirely up to you. Instructions should be available shortly on the CS Department homepage, or you can go to python.org/download. We're using Python 3.1.2.
Week 2: expressions and computation
Week 3: functions, loops, lists; midterm #1
Week 4: loops, lists, functions
Week 5: data representation
Week 6: midterm break; midterm #2; data representation
Week 7: lists of lists; searching
Week 8: recursion and searching
Week 9: complexity, sorting, and applications of CS
Week 10: exam #3, assorted applications, wrapup
Finals Period: