Project Overview

The Northfield Area Learning Center is a non-traditional satellite school in the Northfield school district which serves over 80 enrolled students with diverse needs. However, when it comes to lunch time, the ALC must prepare lunches from the high school cafeteria and have them delivered to the ALC. This creates a large administrative burden for the school, since student lunch orders are currently collected using a pencil-and-paper system and then manually entered into a spreadsheet to be emailed to a kitchen. With our project, we hope to automate this lunch order process by collecting student orders in an online order form and automatically generating a spreadsheet containing them.


We integrated PostgreSQL with the Django framework to securely store student profiles and lunch orders in our database.


We utilized the Django framework to power the front-end and the back-end of our responsive and dynamic web application.


The rich documentation of HTML and CSS allowed us to customize and create styles and templates that catered to the needs of the Northfield ALC.

Meet the Team

Kyosuke Imai

Sam Nelson

Christian Peerzada

Ayman Rahadian

Sophia Wang

Lingyu Wei