Using your mobile device as an interactive game controller


Description: The game that we implemented is a drawing version of Telephone. The game consists of multiple rounds that are either prompt rounds or drawing rounds. Each player will start off with their own book. In the initial prompt round, players will have to come up with a prompt in order to begin their book. Then, in the subsequent drawing round, each players book will get passed to another player in a randomized sequence. Each player will inherit a book with a prompt in it, and have to draw a picture that they believe best represents the prompt in the book. Similarly, the following round will involve each player inheriting a new book, except they will now only be able to see the previously drawn picture and they will have to use this picture to guess what the initial prompt was. This process repeats until all the rounds have concluded. Then, there will be a time at the end to collectively view the books that they have created together, and hopefully get a good laugh out of it.

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