Alice's TLS Dissector

Alice's TLS Dissector


Mitchell Anderson, James Brink, Oliver Clay, Daniel Chung, and Walt Li


A pedagogical tool to demonstrate the details of HTTPS/TLS protocol in action. Given a URL to browse, the tool can capture the transmitted encrypted packets while browsing the website, use the session key to decrypt the packets, and display the information along with the protocol details (e.g., TLS handshake, SSL certificate verification) on a user interface. The user interface allows users to interactively examine specific details of the connection, such as the TCP handshake, encryption algorithm, and symmetric key exchange.

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How to Decrypt Packets Manually

Using SSLKEYLOGFILE and Wireshark to decrypt TLS/SSL traffic on kali linux (reference):

How to Run Our Tool


This software must be run on linux Kali (for tshark to be listening to the right channel during packet capture). To run the web app, go to the ./frontend/ folder and run python3 5000. Website will be live at localhost:5000.

How to Use Our Tool