David Liben-Nowell

I'm a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Carleton College. My interests are focused on computational social sciences, particularly the structure and evolution of social networks and computational modeling of spoken-word recognition. I'm also generally interested in the application of theoretical computer science to problems in a variety of other areas, within and beyond computer science; I've worked on problems in computational biology, complexity of games, and peer-to-peer systems.

Other interests, just because: Adam Gopnik, Churchill College, coffeeshops, Cornell, Cornell hockey, Cornell hockey, cricket, crossword puzzles (solving and writing), curling, donuts, Eddie From Ohio, Harry Chapin, Kris Delmhorst, the Magnetic Fields, learning Yiddish, making lists, Quite Interesting, punting (see also someone who's learned a few of my tricks), Richard Russo, road biking, Says You!, ultimate, web pages that look like they were built in 1996.

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

I've written a new textbook for computer science students learning discrete math: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science. The first edition is now out! I'd be delighted by comments, corrections, and suggestions.

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Contact information:

Department of Computer Science
Carleton College
One North College St.
Northfield, MN 55057
Voice: +1 507 222 4679
Fax: +1 507 222 4312
Email: "dln" concatenated with "@carleton" and then ".edu".
(For personal email, please use "dlib" concatenated with "ennowell@" and then "gmail.com".)

Last updated: 5 September 2020.